Premium Custom Pickleball Paddles
Customize your own paddle by choosing shape, colors, then add your name and take the court with confidence.
How We Make Amazing Pickleball Paddles
Precision Molded Parts
We don’t use glue or staples to hold our paddles together. We design our paddles for durability so you can focus on the next shot instead of that loose edeguard.
Premium materials
We use the best materials available, so we can ensure lightweight, quality paddles that outlast the competition.
Made in America
We make our paddles in Paso Robles, California, so we can ensure the highest standards are met.
Crafting Your Personal paddle
How We Tailor to You
Stand out from the rest of the crowd. Add your name and phone number to your paddle so no one mistakes your paddle for your own
Full-Blown Customization
Want to add special graphics and colorful grip tape? We can do it! We make 100% customizable paddles to suit your creative side.
We have long, wide, and classic paddle shapes meant to fit your specific style of play
It does not matter if you’re tall or short – our grip fits you and your game.
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